Feedback for Final Work

Some of you emailed us during the week for feedback on final work, and there are a few points that are applicable to everyone’s final posters.

- For your final format on Thursday, scan your hand-lettered letterforms, clean it up in photoshop and lay it out in a poster.

- Include the typeface name on the poster and all letterforms.

- Give the forms whitespace all around and make sure your poster composition is balanced and proportioned.

- The poster should be set in one format: either flush right, flush left, justified or centered.

- Make sure everything is optically aligned and check that all margins are equal.

Please print out your final poster and feel free to bring additional photos or process photos that you’d like to share with the class as an extra option to your presentation. You will be presenting your final printed posters.

I’m excited to see everybody’s final work on the wall tomorrow!!!! Yay!

Great class!

Thank you everyone for superb presentations today. You showed successful, interesting, engaging, unique and conceptual work. Lara and I were impressed by the broad range of inspiration, wonderful presentations and smart ideas! Some of you are really far ahead, and others need a little more work. Those of you who need to re-submit your presentations (or if you were absent), remember to email your pdf’s to me and Lara by Monday 12/3.

Overall, here are suggestions for the majority of the projects shown:


- Start with a classic typeface as your guide.

- Sketch, sketch, sketch!

- Use a well-developed grid (like the one from Young’s presentation).

- For inspiration, look at visual objects rather than typography.

- If you do look at typography, choose it carefully and discard quickly. Instead, study the masters!

- Sketch some more!!!!!!!

- Experiment! It’s easy to do something you’ve already done before—so take risks!

- Always consider formal design and typography principles (balance, unity, harmony, contrast, etc.)

- Did I say sketch ???!????

If you find something interesting (image, article, photo you take, etc.,) please submit it to our tumblelog. I want more people to submit to our class blog.

Good job and great class. Get sketching!!!!