Object Typography Inspiration

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This thread type is by designer and Cranbrook MFA graduate Elle Kim.

Found objects





A brilliant experimental blending of two art forms: Graffiti + Kirigami (a variation of origami; most people know kirigami as paper snowflakes). This experimental style is called Graffitiami

You can find more at http://designby31216.wordpress.com/2008/05/26/graffiti-kirigami-graffitiami/  

What other artforms can you name which can be combined to create experimental typography?

Stefan Sagmeister

From the Conceptual Typography assignment, Jonny’s use of laundered clothing to form the word ‘clean’ reminded me of Stefan Sagmeister’s work. 

(Source: likeomfgitsjonny)

Stefan Sagmeister (who also teaches in the graduate design program) created object typography for mailers announcing shows of fashion designer Anni Kuan. He used fabric, clothing, yarn, clothespins, etc. (The image below as designed more than 10 years ago in 1999!)

More of Stefan Sagmeister’s work can be found at http://www.sagmeister.com